UVSQ exchange program

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About the Program

SACIdA proudly sponsors the GSU-UVSQ exchange program that provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to spend one semester or a full academic year studying in France as a part of their GSU academic degree program. At the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, students gain familiarity with French culture; proficiency in French language; and critical knowledge on history and civilization. Concurrently, they can attend classes on topics in American, British and Southern literature, history, culture and economics taught in English at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students with advanced language competencies may elect to take courses conducted in French in other disciplines. UVSQ is located in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, one of the new towns of Paris, just West of the city. It is a leading institution dedicated to multidisciplinary research and is, alike GSU, committed to international programs and exchanges. For more information on the UVSQ program, please consult: http://mystudyabroad.gsu.edu/

Blog Notes from UVSQ exchange students
This SACIdA platform promotes vibrant Blog Notes from GSU students who participated in the UVSQ study-abroad exchange program. There, you will find authentic testimonies on their experience abroad and the cultural challenges they encountered while adapting to local French customs. Their list of Dos and Don’ts should become handy as you try to make the most of your adventure abroad! 
The Blog Notes also include: what study abroad can afford you with, the administrative process while still at GSU and in France, precious feedback on the dorms, cultural facts about life in France, and a few insights on the ways to make the best out of the experience.
The SACIdA delegates hope you will find these tips and testimonies useful as you consider enrolling in the UVSQ exchange program.



Bianca Tenney Spring 2013